Finally, the Old type of Codechef site is back. The colour on the question show that we have either solved the question fully, partially or whether it is wrong. The best thing is that the Announcements have been moved to the top of Contest page after the questions which makes it easy for us to see the changes. Also, the School label has been changed to Beginners which is a good move. Hope the contest ranking also appear soon on the contest page as well. Also, the new plagiarism testing is also on the way as told by the admin himself.

One more important notice for everyone. Almost most of us are aware that coding on ideone is not safe especially during the contests as our code can be easily seen (or hacked) by others and copied. This can lead to plagiarism and decrease in our rating points. I have been using Codechef IDE for about 3 months. It was a good experience. But now, it is even better. You can select the contest and the required problem. So, you can see the question and code on the same page. This think has been earlier used on Hackerrank and other sites. Happy that Codechef has also started it. For those, who have not installed any compiler and practice on ideone, I suggest them to use the Codechef IDE as well. Hope, you will also like it. You can also save your coding template in various languages on the IDE. So, when you login or start coding on the IDE, the template is available and use can easily just code out your logic. Also, it user friendly and has various options for changing the settings, downloading your code etc. The best is that your code is safe. No other user/person can view it until you submit the solution for your problem and the solutions are made public. GREAT WORK BY CODECHEF…

Thanks Codechef again for rolling back most of the changes. Hope that it stays forever…

Also, please post your comments regarding the new changes in the site. The best thing is Codechef is there to here you and serve you the best…

Happy Coding :slight_smile:


It is good to see the roll back in changes made previously. Now one can scroll through challenges and check partially solved questions too. :slight_smile:


school label changed to beginner is quite misleading as most of the lunchtime questions are harder than easy category questions and some are as tough as upper medium questions.


@rajat1603 Hi, We have not changed just the name “school” to “beginner”, we have added new problems in beginner section and moved all the problems from school section to beginner,easy,medium and hard section.


There is a bug, it keeps on running when I submit my answer and I had to go to My Submissions to check for results, why is this so?
Am I the only one facing this problem because I was unable to see any questions regarding this issue.
Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:


I too have the same problem…don’t understand why ?

I am also facing the same problem as anmol mentioned ! It keeps on running when I submit my answer.


As Anmol, mentioned I am also facing the same problem since last night. Codechef please look into the matter.


It seems the above problem has been rectified.

Code chef’s IDE runs slow as compare to IDEONE


This is why I like Codechef.

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I love Codechef IDE. I use the same.

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This is why I like Codechef. #copied

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i prefer codechef ide to terminal,i don’t think it is slow