Change in ratings.

After I completed submitting my solutions for December Long, I checked my ratings. 6491.something. I was ranked 777th in India, and today I checked in order to know whether December’s rating has been updated. I found my rank is now 779. is there some dynamic ratings going on?


same happened with me this time and even after the completion of NOV challenge but dont know why :-/

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During the contest, score for challenge problem is calculated for only 20% of inputs. After the contest score is recalculated for all inputs.

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He is talking about the Long Contest ranking, not the DEC14 ranking.


It happened to me with LTime rating. Instead of rank my rating itself changed. After October LunchTime my rating was 1072 something(it was my first LunchTime). After somedays I found that it was changed to 1030 something before November LunchTime. I even sent an email to codechef regarding this but didn’t get any answer about what actually happened.

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And when i checked just now my long rating decreased from 1654.12 to 1653.38 and short rating from 719.79 to 719.09. The ratings which i mentioned where from just a few days back(around 10 days)


…solutions for December Long…


…whether December’s rating has been…

@betlista Please answer my question, it’s about rating in the Codechef Long. December ratings will be updated and added later.

This might be happening due to plagiarism cases, as if someone’s rating might be decreased by admin due to cheating and now if he/she is not found guilty, then their ratings may result in fluctuation in other’s rating and ranking.

Sorry for bad English… :frowning:


Overall rating, right (for long contests)? In such case I do not know, sorry…

Ok it might be a possibility, thanks :slight_smile:

It’s ok, thanks :slight_smile:

yes, I’m talking about “after” November long challenge. Its ratings are more or less dynamic.

most welcome… :slight_smile:

@betlista I think his english is confusing but there were less than 6000 contestants in Dec14 and he mentioned he was 6491. Also, I interpreted “December’s rating” as the impact of Dec14 in the overall Long Contest rank.

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Yes it is case with LunchTime. I did 2-3 questions i think, but nothing changed. I don’t focus on LunchTime by the way. What you are mentioning about Long and Short ratings, it is true, I think some codes were rechecked.