Challenge problem score

It was notified that the challenge problem solutions will be rejudged after the contest.

However after rejudging, it shows a score of 0.037 against my name in the rank list, while on my submission page, it shows 0.642. When I resubmitted my solution in practice section, I received a score of 0.144.

The solutions which are pretty straight forward in their approach (print all black cells in this question) have received a higher score than me. I suppose my solution never gives an answer which is is greater than the brute solution’s answer. This is my solution:

Any insights would be really helpful.


I am not sure but i think all the solutions have not been rejudged and are being rejudged part by part. If you go to October Long contest page, you will see top score of fsouza at 9.43 and kgcstar at 9.24. On the problem page, most people have a score of complete 1.00. I dont know when they will they finish rejudging but hopefully all scores will have normalized by then

Keeping the rejudging thing apart, your score for the challenge problem depends on the scores that are better than you. You get a partial credit, with respect to the users who have solved in a better manner (got more score)

For example, if you were the first to submit even a brute force solution to the challenge problem, you would get a perfect score of 1.000, now depending on the later submissions if better submissions arrive then they will get a better score and your score will be reduced. So, comparing the scores of the same code in the contest and in the practice arena will not give you any sort of meaningful results.

EDIT: You made only two submissions during the contest.

And yes I think solutions are being rejudged.

alt text

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Thanks a lot, got the point! And yes, I made only two submissions during the contest, but that doesn’t mean they give me less points :stuck_out_tongue:
(just kidding)

Yeah hope so :slight_smile: