CCTP2018 - Editorial


The Contest was held by Coders Club.
There were 3 questions asked keeping in mind that we are preparing students for basic coding rounds for their placements.
Please visit the contest and post any doubts you may have here.

Editorial for Question 3 ???

give us the link

The first two should be simple, almost just a matter of writing a syntactically correct program. Of course “Lost Chef!” (who may or may not be a robot from the description) requires basic knowledge of coordinates; then it’s just a matter of checking which of the two coordinates (if either) match and which direction is needed in the other one. “Goats and Horses” (which might be dogs) requires the coder to understand that up to 2D of the goats may be riding (but not more than the actual number of goats, of course).

The only one that poses an issue of mathematics is WCC (code CB7DA20E). In this case, unless beating through all 4^B possibilities, it would be handy to know about multinomial coefficients, which give the number of anagrams of a particular combination of letters. Of course the code would need to navigate any difficulty with large numbers if applicable and knowledge of how the modulus can be used would help too.

Will these problems be available for practice at some point? At the moment there is no route to checking a solution against the official test data set.