cant solve challenges

I am not able to solve even a single question in any of the codechef challenges.The main problem is storage size. My programs doesnt give output for large values like 1000000,etc
I am new to programming and I dont know how to start.So please anyone help me…

Don’t use integer type of variables. Use long int or long long int.
Hope that’ll work :).
Happy coding.

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You should practice lot of problems before Jumping into contests.
Because every problem in contests have some corner cases which you’ll need to identify for successful submission. So when you will solve different problems, you’ll develop skills to look for corner cases, and simultaneously you’ll be able to get better in handling large input/output.
So move to Easy Questions in Practice Section & try to solve as many problems as you can, look at their Editorials, look into some best solution if you are unable to solve It & then eventually you’ll be able to solve problems in contests.

Sleep. Code. Eat. Repeat.

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You should get to the easy section and practice the problems that are solved by most of people.This will help you develop your skills by letting you know various interesting things about programming.Also you’ll be able to solve the boundary cases after some time.It only comes by sheer practice.You shouldn’t directly go for any contest if you are a beginner,as @prakhar8795 has marked the point too. Regarding storage,int can hold 1000000000 very easily. To be true,even i came to know this when i began practicing problems,and by discussing on forums.:slight_smile:

IMPORTENT NOTE: Never give up,just keep on trying.:slight_smile:

Happy Coding!!!


Thank you @ansh1star033,@tictactoecoder,@prakhar8795 for your valuable suggestions.

@dravs10 welcome :)Do mark the most appropriate answer,or the most helpful one:)