Can't select language

Why there is no language to select from in the dropdown while submitting the problem ! Please check admin

Actually, The problem is…The language is not being able to get selected…At first I thought, it was only me…But then I made my friend log in his Id, Then understood, maybe codechef servers are busy right now. in the backend…I am sure, Codechef wont take long before this is fixed…SO till then keep calm…:wink:

I will SERIOUSLY appreciate if you people stop flooding discuss forums with same thing again and again. I just login to discuss to see more than 3 threads saying same thing. I know that the bug is a bad one, even i am caught in it, but making too many threads at discuss aint gonna accelarate the process. It will just hamper discuss as well. Please keep your thoughts and contents in a single, unified thread so that it speaks strongly to admin.