Can't figure out the reason for getting a SiGSEGV run time error

I am unable to determine the cause of the error .
declaring function prototype as :
long long int myfunc(long long int,long long int);
A global array has been declared as :
long long int a[50000];
calling function myfunc() by copying parameters start and end like :
Function Definition :
long long int myfunc(long long int start,long long int end)
long long int x=0;
int i=0;
return 0;
x = x+ a[i];
return x;
By Commenting out the loop in the function I am able to get WC as result but in all other cases its Runtime Error ( SIGSEGV) . The above function is the only place where the array is being accessed. Program working fine on my system ( tested with boundry conditions) !

Reasons of SIGSEGV-


the problem might be with β€œi” also. try declaring β€œi” with long long int data type and see if it works.

Yes you are checking that start and end are inside β€œint” range :). but just try , programs some times behave differently :stuck_out_tongue: .

This is a suggestion not a solution.

I am aware of the reasons for SIGSEGV as can be seen in the FAQ . Just not clear how an array is being accessed out of bound here or how sizeof(a)> 64 M [ where a : long long int a[50000])