Cannot understand competitive coding

I am finding competitive coding very difficult. I have started from the Easy section of Practice problems here in CodeChef in decreasing order of number of substitutions, but most of the problems I have to check explanation and other submissions to actually understand what the problem is all about. Can anyone please guide me as to what to do to progress here?

That’s how all begin, by looking for explanations and even checking out accepted solutions. Practice and try to give your best, and if you still don’t get the problem, Do look for explanations. It’s not a bad thing to check for explanations if you learn from them.


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@sdbeast Try to learn some topics as well and solve problems on them. This might boost your confidence.

+1. Give some tips here as well please.:smiley:

@arjitkansal can you please tell what should I start looking for specifically?

If you know programming already and are just starting out with CP, then this might be the best resource to learn step by step :-

Learn the topics one by one and then practice the problems on the specific topic. This will surely help you learn a lot and boost your confidence.

And remember everyone gets stuck, its common. Just try your best, and move ahead. :slight_smile: