Cannot change my country

Hello! I’m Maru from Argentina :slight_smile:

When I signed up today, I couldn’t choose my country because I wasn’t able to write my city name (the form kept saying “You must select a value from the suggestions provided.”, but no suggestions were provided). So I adopted Delhi, India :slight_smile:

Is it possible to correct this?

Thank you!

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Hi Maru, welcome on CodeChef forum. Site admins are not reading all topics here, so to solve you issue quicklier, please write an e-mail to them (you can link your post) - , I’m sure, they will help you. Write in e-mail the city also :wink:

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Hey chicapi, Can you tell us which city where you trying to enter? We will help you resolve the issue. You can send an email to

Ok, I’ll do it! Thank you all for your quick answers!

Hi betlista, site admins read all the topics which have admin tags on them.

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