CandiRush @ Code Zip 2014


I just participated in the Code Zip and have some question about the Candi Rush task.

I especially don’t understand the examples (and my questions were not answered during the competition).
One task is “fciewewuxa”

In my understanding, the candies “fc” are inserted into the first packet, then the new packet is filled with “ie” and the next one by “wew”, followe by “ux” and “a”. The hightet number of candies in a packet is therefore 3 (and not four as given in the example).

Also the result format is strange. In the text it says “A single line containing the output of the problem.”

but the example output is




(two lines!)

Could someone who solved the question tell me how this should be interpreted?

Not really.
Actually it works in this way.The sequence is fciewewuxa. Now in the 1st box candies are fc. In the 2nd box ci. In case of 3rd box the sequence will be ewew because according to the problem the candies will continue entering a single packet just until a third type of candy comes.. 1st candy is e and the next is w,3rd is again “e”(no 3rd type candy) and 4th one again “w”(It’s b/w “w” and “e”). It will continue until 3rd type of candy comes, and in the last boxes “ux” and “xa”.

Why should ‘ci’ be in the second box? All c candies are in the first box. “the candies will continue entering a single packet just until a third type of candy comes.” so there are no c-candies left on the conveyor belt to be filled in the second box. Or how do you interpret it? Do you have a passing solution?

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There was no proper explanation given ! --
I assumed a completely different meaning, and after 2 WA’s, gave up! -
Now when I see the sample output, it has been changed to 4 from 3!! Atleast there should have been an explanation given for the examples!! :frowning:

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Where is the sample output with the 3? I still see the 2 4 solution on

Does anyone know where are the final results available?

It was 3 at the beginning… They changed it afterwards i guess… I am still not sure what it exactly means!