Can you please review this Developer Profile web template ?

I developed a developer profile web template, can you please review it? Read this medium blog for more details. It is completely dynamic, one have to edit just a single file js/profile.json and personal data for using this template.

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UI looks good and mobile friendly.
What technologies are used to build this site ?

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Materialize.CSS and jquery for most of the things, sweetalert, perfect scrollbar and typedjs used for some little things.
Medium blog gives details about it.

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No doubt you have a good UI but when i got to check for the site to be reponsive their was a problem clearly it accomodates the size of the window but when i clicked on skills(when it was at mobile size window) and then maximized it became like the image mentioned in link

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thanks @ghost_boy I do have idea about this thing a simple trick might solve this, I have an onWindowSizeChange function may be adding a few lines will fix this. Any suggestion from your side to fix this?

are too dim, make them slight more bright.

Overall Template is nice, but instead of Hello World! popup at the start, try adding a animation before blog loads, which says Hello World.

and also Favicon is missing, add one :smiley: