Can we track the progress of the rejudging for the challenge problem ?

Is there any way (for normal users) to track the progress of the rejudging of the submissions for the challenge problem? Moreover, I don’t understand the order in which the submissions are being rejudged (it’s definitely not chronological order). I am mostly interested in this month’s challenge problem (Sereja and Vectors), but the question also refers to future challenge problems.


moreover, when the submissions are run on all the test cases during contest, full score can be calculated during the contest for each submission like we had before, just show score of first 20% files during contest, and simply replace them with full score after contest is over, rather than rejudging all the submissions after contest.


It’s a very nice idea but there must be some drawbacks or complications for doing this… Since Codechef uses Spoj to judge submissions. It’s only a guess, I think if this was easily doable they would’ve done it from the start.

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I was trying to track the rejudging yesterday and it seemed to me that only the non AC submissions (TLE, WA, etc) were being rejudged.

Since it seems clear that we cannot verify by ourselves how far the rejudging process has gone, can @admin tell us the status of the rejudging process ? (e.g. how many submissions still need to be rejudged) Maybe it’s just my subjective opinion, but the rejudging seems to be very slow (for instance, I have a lot of non-rejudged submissions and, what is more, I didn’t notice any of my submissions being rejudged in the last 16 hours or so).


Yes, same with me. Only one of my submissions has been rejudged till now. Seems like they’ve stopped rejudging some time back. @admin kindly clarify.

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How can we check which of our submissions have been rejudged? I opened the ‘My Submissions’ page for SEAVEC and it shows 0 pts for all AC solutions. Does this mean they have all been rejudged?

@kartikkukreja: Well, the only way of telling if a submission has been rejudged is if its score changed from the initial score it got during the contest (assuming you remember that initial score). Of course, it is possible for the score not to change after rejudging (but that would mean the submission got a 0 score on the other 8 test files). The running time may also be slightly different from the initial running time (but remembering running times is even worse than remembering scores). Sadly there is nothing to show on the submissions page if a submission was rejudged or not.

@kartikkukreja if you are not short of time, you can check if a submission was rejudged by submitting it under the practice section. If the scores match, it is rejudged. (Assuming there was no change in the test files).

It could be nice if admins could add something like [R] in front of submission to mark it has rejudged… It mustn’t be too hard to do, I think…


@aichemzee: I hadn’t noticed that SEAVEC was added to the Practice section. To me it seems strange to be able to see your final score when submitting in the Practice section before the submission is “officially” rejudged. Anyway, this is now one more reason for which I do not understand why the “official” rejudging is not over, yet.