Can we remove the "Right answer was accepted" close reason?

I’m seen many questions on the discussion forum which are closed with the reason being: “The question is answered, right answer was accepted”.

I feel that the right way to accept an answer to a question to click the “green checkmark” next to the correct answer.

A question should be closed when it is irrelevant or of low quality, and not when it a good question with a good answer. So, this particular reason for closing should be removed.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

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i think that once a query is answered it is of no use to get the same answer from different users . So once a question is answered the question should be closed .

I don’t think so it should be removed!

Actually I think it should be our responsibility that if we are asking a question on a particular topic and if we think that we got the correct answer then me must close that thread and so i feel this the is the correct way to deal with discussion forum.

Also i don’t think so it should matter for those who wanna read that thread, because if you have same problem then you may read that thread and read the solution provided by xyz user and your problem is solved.

And i agree to what @acodebreaker2 answered Right answer was accepted denotes that that user has got the answer of the problem, and there are many users who asks a question, and when the get the desired answer they don’t even come to forum again to see that thread, and so there is no reason to keep that thread live.

And thanks for asking this question i’ll close all my threads for which i got the desired answer…!! :slight_smile: