can u send me the logic to solve this question

There are N cities in a kingdom. These cities are aligned in a row. So, each city has two neighbours except first and last city. Each city has an F-number which denotes the maximum cities he can ask for help in case of an attack. Each F-number lies between 1 to N. Two cities cannot have same F-number. The Power of a city c is the sum of F-numbers of the cities that c asked for help. In case of an attack, to save time, representative of the city will go to the first city he wants help from and ask the city to propogate the message to its right neighbour. Right neighbour will propagate the message to its right neighbour and so on. This process will stop when the attacked city gets the help form as many cities as it wants. It is obvious that a city will try to get maximum power.

Now a neighbour kingdom with a collective power K has attacked the kingdom. In this attack a city will survive if its power is greater than the power of the attacking kingdom(K) otherwise the city will be destroyed. Now the king wants to prepare a plan to protect the kingdom from this threat. So he hired you. King wants to know which city with minimum F-number can survive. So help the king to save the kingdom.

Your function contains two arguments- An integer K denoting the collective power of the attacking kingdom and an One dimensional Integer array of Size N in which ith element denotes the F-number of the ith city.
First line of input contains an Integer K.(1<=K<=10^12)
Second line of input contains an Integer N denoting the size of Array. (1<=N<=10^5)
Next N lines of input contains a single integer from 1 to N.

You must return an integer- minimum F-number of the cities that can survive. Return -1 if no city can survive.

Sample Test Case 1-
maximum power of the cities will be as following-
1st city- max(1,2,3)=3
2nd city- max((1+2),(2+3))=max(3,5)=5
3rd city- 6

Can you please provide the link to the problem to verify that this is not from any ongoing contest?

This is a question from an ongoing contest TechChallenge 50 organized by Capgemini.
Please don’t ask such questions here as it spoils the spirit of coding.
Try to solve it on your own. Help is always there after the contest ends.