Can Somebody help me with this problem???

I am having trouble to come with a approach and code for this problem, can somebody help me out?
Here is the question

Antas has a garden where plants are planted in a row. Each plant is represented by a character which can be a letter or a number. However, his father does not like the design and he wants to change it to a new design. This new design is also represented by characters. To change the garden, he can take the following actions:

  1. Plant a sapling
  2. Uproot a sapling
  3. Replace the plant with another

Each of the actions have an associated cost which are as follows:

  • Planting - $100
  • Uproot - $100
  • Replacing - $100

Help him find the minimum cost for changing the garden to the new design.

Input Format

The first line contains t which gives the number of rows in the garden. Then for each row, there are two lines which represent the following: 
 1. The first line contains a string of characters that represent the old design. 
 2. The second line contains a string of characters that represent the new design. 
Output Format 
The output contains r lines where ith line contains the minimum cost of changing ith row from old design to new design. 
 1 <= r <= 10000 
 1 <=n <= 100, where n is the length of the string of characters representing the plants 

Sample Input 

Sample Output 


For the first row, it will need to plant one ‘p’ plant which costs $100, then replacing ‘m’ to ‘h’, which 

costs $100, no change for plant ‘o’, replacing ‘b’ with ‘n’ which costs $100, then uprooting ‘i’ and ‘l’

 which costs $100 each. In  total   ,  the  minimum   cost  for changing  row  1 to  new design  needs 


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