Can Mtech students appear for ACM-ICPC WF ?

Are MTech or MS students eligible for ACM ICPC WF ?


Yes…I guess because the rule says that one can only participate 5 times in ICPC.
That means you can participate even after you B.Tech
I know a brother doing M.Tech in my college who did try for the ICPC.


According to the rules,

  1. one must be born on or after 1990

  2. one must have started B.Tech(or any UG) on or after 2009

One of these conditions should be met to be eligible for ICPC regionals


in these 2 conditions both should be follow or only one of them ?

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So can we represent the another college after joining M.Tech?I mean the college which we are studying?

YES,we can. :slight_smile: