Can I submit a solution for a problem of a completed contest?

Can I summit a solution for a problem of a completed contest?
If so, where can I submit it? (In the page of contest, I didn’t find the link to submit my code.T^T)
And in the practice page, can I search for a problem, and how? Sorry for asking such an ignorant question since I’m a new user here.

Yes you can. But, in the practice section.

The practice section is divided into 6 sections: easy, medium, hard, challenge, peer, school.

The section school contains problems from the Lunch-Time contests (run by codechef).

The section peer contains problems from all external contests hosted on codechef.

So, if the contest in which the problem appeared is belonging to the above category, you can look for the corresponding problem code in the appropriate category (school or peer). (Please note that, you can sort the list of all problems based on the problem code, which makes it easier to find it.)

Questions from the long contest and the cook-offs are distributed among the other 4 sections, based on the nature of the problem.

To locate where a problem belongs to, go to each of the sections (easy, medium, hard or challenge) and look for the problem code. However, there is another two-click way of reaching the practice problem page from the problem page in the contest. In the page where the question appears, just after the complete details of the question is over, there is some metadata given - like the author, time limit etc. There, you can find a link to the editorial. Go to the editorial. Links of the problem in both the contest page and the practice page is given in the beginning itself.)

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yes and editorial contains their easy links

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Thank you so much.

very nice explanation…