Can I search for my friends and mark them?

I have some friends in codechef.Can I search a user by his username?If yes then how?
Can I mark a user as friend or known?


Yes you can search for your friends in Codechef by their username. You can use the search bar and select the users radio button over the right side of the search bar

alt text

As for my knowledge there is one method in CodeChef for marking them as friends.
You can use the set feature in Codechef to mark your friends Check Here to know more about set


Thank you very much for your reply.I really didn’t notice that search bar.One more question…How can I see progress of them and compare with me?

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Actually there is no direct link on the home page to access the Sets page. You can view the already created sets in that page. Here is a screenshot of info that you can see on the set page.alt text


from where I can enter the set page?