Can I participate in ACM ICPC Gwalior Regionals if I do not have Passport

I am registered for ACM ICPC at the Baylor site, where there are passport details to be filled, however I do not have passport.
We had participated in Amritapuri regional in 2013 and our team was accepted without any need for passport info. But, we were rejected at Kharagpur contest.
Could anyone tell me is this year’s Gwalior regional requires passport details.

P.S. I posted this question here because there are many people here who will be participating in ACM ICPC and hence are likely to know the answer to my query. However if you feel this is not the place to discuss it, please tell me where I could get it answered

Thank You


I’m no expert, but I think you can leave that blank if you don’t have passport. Of course, your team won’t be able to go to the World Finals but that happens after like 10 months. So you’ll have plenty time to get a passport. For now, just fill the form and clear the Regionals. (And the online too, ofcourse)

No team is rejected based on passport for the regionals as per our information. If it has happened to you, you should have highlighted it. It may have happened due to other reasons. Even this year, you should be able to participate in any of the 3 regionals (without having a passport), unless you are a foreign participant. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much.
Passport details were marked as compulsory fields, so I was worried. Once again thanks very much :slight_smile:

@admin: I dont think one can take part in all three regionals (there is maximum limit of two)

@yash_15 I think they meant to say any of the 3 regionals

Yes. It meant any of the 3 regionals.