Can I obtain the cases which CodeChef uses to test the solution submissions?

Hi. I have created a program as a solution to a CodeChef problem. As suggested in the FAQs, I tested my program with maximum constraints. I encountered no SIGABRT or other issues while testing the program on my machine but got one after submitting the code to CodeChef. Also, I used the same programming language while testing the code and while submitting it. So, I want to know what cases does CodeChef use to test the code submissions. Is there a way I can obtain them? OR can anyone provide a few test cases for the UNIVERSE problem which can potentially throw a SIGABRT error?

Reasons why Codechef not reveals test cases

  1. Eager of learning and solving question will become less
  2. it kills the motivation of hard-work for solving problem
  3. showing test cases will not help us to think various corner cases of question

if you are stuck in a problem you should go through Editorial or going through submitted code of that question


Umm… okay.