Can I host a intra-college level coding contest on

The number of coders could be anything between 20 to 200. I saw the “Host your contest” page. Just want to know if it’s a sure shot thing. Not like, codechef will review my contest, and will let me host only if it finds worthy or something like that?

Basically, if I submit my form, will I get to host the contest no matter how small the contest is? (Assuming I fill the form according to the guidelines obviously)

Also, is it free of cost?

yes…it is free of cost!!!

but i think the contest is reviewed thoroughly before being hosted…the problems and their test cases are not checked by CC testers…it will be the contest setters work to make sure everything is correct…u can try SPOJ for a sure shot chance…but mostly they do review the account of the person who has opted to be a contest setter and there the ques can mostly be from the existing set…hope this helps…:slight_smile:

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