Can I have multiple accounts on CodeChef?

Is having multiple accounts is against CodeChef’s Code Of Conduct.


@code11_a the Stack overflow questions were asked on 4th and 5th october , the first one on the day the contest began. This goes to show that some people are just concerned with getting AC and don’t even want to try to think about the problem for even 2 or 3 days.

I am getting really frustrated about all this cheating fuss that has been going on and i think the best thing to do is do nothing about it and not waste our time.These long contests are really helpful to those who work hard to try and solve each question and there is no point worrying about cheaters. It is their loss and not ours so best is keep coding and practicing and not worry about anything else.


Its rather very disheartening that 99% of the people invoved are indians in all this and this can’t be eliminated now since it has grown beyond reach (can’t stop people posting on Stackoverflow). I only hope that these creatures don’t reach codeforces or topcoder to spoil it(they will always find a way whether it be short or long contest). Directi/Codechef is doing so much for us for free and we don’t even have the courtesy to respect it and instead create headaches for admins and psetters who do all the hardwork.


@admin, after October long contest many users account is found blocked,reason might be cheating during the contest. Even though this is an individual contest it is quite natural that friends discuss about codechef problems and they solve together,And many of them are not aware that they are not supposed to share their many of my friends accounts who spend most of their time for just coding and reading codechef editorial is found blocked.It will be nice to forgive them once and reactivate their account and make a blog post or discussion post regarding cheating during contests.Give warning to all of them that their account will be permanently blocked if they repeated these kind of practice,and for sure this will become generous decision from the admin.Forgive them once and let them code and have fun. (sorry for bad english)


Maybe CodeChef should give incentives for people who catches cheating in some way? So more people will participate in finding cheats.

I’m not sure how though.


Such a system could be implemented but after i spent some time yesterday looking for such cheats , i realized it was nothing but a waste of time and would help me in no way. i could have have utilized that time better by trying to learn something meaningful.


Yeah I guess it’s a waste of time; the only positive things a person can get from it is not for himself/herself, but for the person caught to learn his/her mistakes, and (maybe) a fairer competition for everyone else.

I also find it very disheartening when hearing about cheating in CodeChef.


I also agree with @Neethu because i am one of them for whom neethu mention. I really don’t know abt this and i got my id block but really i didn’t copy anyone code all code was mine. ya ofcource i had two id’s with same name name and with the same submition but i request to admin to please open that id after giving once warning.


Even people asked for solutions of LEBAMBOO and CAOS3 on quora using generic structure of question.

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same thing happened to me… i got blocked… Plz admin look into this matter… I had 2 IDs with same name and same submission… but i didn’t cheat…code was all mine… Plz unblock my ID… As i am participating in ACM ICPC with one of my ID and i really need it…

My ID is logic_0

according to rules, this is cheating !!!

You shall not possess more than one account on CodeChef. If you have, then do let us know, so that we can deactivate the insignificant one. If you do not report it and we come to know about it, we may deactivate both the accounts permanently.