Can anyone tell why i am getting WA in LRQURY

problem: LRQUR

my solution: here
Someone please tell why i am getting WA in 3 cases, please help…

You are getting out of index exception. Check increasing size of your seg tree array and see if any index number is going negative or not.

i have corrected it but again getting WA in 3 cases, plz check

hey nice implementation :slight_smile:

corrected code :

nothing wrong in your code the only thing you miss is that when (a[l] + a[r]) is odd you are considering only the left integer i.e. (a[l] + a[r])/2! consider the other one also and AC :slight_smile:

u know if i use (int)((a[l] + a[r])/2.0 + .01), it is giving correct answer. thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

can anyone explain y im getting WA ??

code :