Can anyone please train me to become a better programmer?

I am a CSE student at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.
I am quite interested in programming but my journey would be more enjoyable, if I can find an experienced programmer to help me in this regard.
It would be greatly helpful

For improving your coding abilities, you need to practice questions. Firstly, choose a language in which you will solve most of your questions. Go in practice(Easy). Initially, sort the problems on basis of their accuracy(higher to lower), these are quite easy to solve. Solve a dozen of questions, get yourself familiar. If you get problems, check out for solution in comments section. Bang your head. Even if this doesn’t help, look at an easy solution. Read the code, visually, close the tab, write yourself. Eventually, you will learn how to convert your algorithm into a working code. After this, start solving those questions with maximum submissions. Now, in this phase, you will start to learn how to design algorithms. Participate in all three contest. Try to solve at least a practice question each day. This may take months or years. Don’t loose hope. Get in touch with others who share the same passion.

For more reference, this doc may help: Doc

Best of luck.

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Being a programmer, learning is a continous process. How ever to become a good programmers you should have good understanding of Data structures, Algorithms and design patterns. Here are some useful resource links.
C programming language tutorial
C sample programs
Graphics program in C
Design Patterns

Competitive Programming, a true love

please go through this link and check my comment…it ll give u the complete idea of how to proceed further… below link take u there.