can anyone name an offline compiler...?

I generally prefer code on online ide by geeksforgeeks. on any online compiler you can choose your language from many avilable options and code on the same platform. I like online compilers very much but i can’t be online very long and i code in many languages. can anyone suggest some offline compilers which supports c++, java and python…? basically i’m looking for offline version of online compilers like by codechef, geeksforgeeks, ideone…THANKS.

I use eclipse for java and c++
and you can also use codeblocks for c++

Codeblocks is a very good, lightweight compiler. I would suggest it.

Use a code editor like atom for writing code. You can compile programs directly from terminal too. You can also add package in atom for adding terminal to it which makes it easy and saves time as well.

What other people hree have suggested to you are editors and IDEs (which is probably what you meant).

Compilers would be something like gcc, clang or similar, tools that actually compiles your code to a runnable executable. An IDE would be something like Codeblocks, Visual Studio or similar (an integrated development environment). You can also use a more standalone editor (like the mentioned atom, or perhaps vim or emacs) and interface with tools (gcc, g++, javac/java, python, pypy) through a terminal.

Knowing the terminology will help you find what you’re actually looking for. :slight_smile: