C++ vs JAVA

I currently use basic C language to make my codes and i wanna switch to some other language which provides better built in function and easy to understand… I got suggestions regarding C++ and JAVA. Some people said that JAVA is better because it has many good built in functions than any other language (like c++) , is that really true…?

I would suggest you to switch to python rather than java because its quite easy and has many many built in functions.If you know C than its no use to switch to C++ because they are almost same.Python can deal with big numbers(C can’t).Java coders have to type a lot and their coders are big big which can be a drawback for them at the time of competitions.So,its upto you

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chota bheem :stuck_out_tongue:

plzz compare about the built-in functions of C++ and Java…!! i wanna know , which has more built-in functions…?

I have seen Top rating id at codechef…they always use C++
because C++ provide wide Standard Template Library(STL)…

as You mentioned you know C then switch into C++ is very easy…

c and C++ syntax are almost same and u can get wide library too just read little about STL on online resources…started coding in C++ and always seek STL because these code are well tested and easy to use without worrying about how they implemented internally …

or u can make a search

  • on ranklist of any live contest..

  • all top user use C++…

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