C++ to JAVA

Hey friends,
I have been programming in C++ for long, now i need to move forward and to learn JAVA, mainly so that i can start app development and all…
What can be done in this ?
Is there any shortcut way for people like me who already knows C++/C…?

Yeah, you should google that: c++ to java. There are a lot of pages that can help you on that but it’s not hard to move from one to the other, java’s syntax is based on c’s like c++. Java also has a really helpful documentation (the best I’ve seen from any language so far). Just remember that java is a higher level programming language compared to c or c++ so you cannot use stuff like macros, pointers, inline etc, etc. Although java doesn’t have some useful things that c and c++ have, it has a lot of stuff to like, it’s very straightforward, very organized and you can handle exceptions easier. If you have any doubts about something you can ask me, I’m very willing to help. What sort of apps you want to develop? Maybe I can give you some tips on that too.


…and java (except the documentation) has the best IDEs to work with, I do not know something similar for C/C++, if there is, maybe I’m coding in C/C++ today (yes I do, but in notepad++)…


@betlista, there is Eclipse for C/C++, and as a free and lighter alternative Geany, that is oriented towards multiple languages :slight_smile:

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