C++ STL (Standard Template Library) in Turbo C++

How can i use C++ STL in Turbo C++ Compiler.
I am unable to use header files like , in turbo C++ compiler.
Should I use another compiler or there exists any solution for Turbo C++ .
Please somebody answer.

I think turbo c++ was made before STL became a part of standard C++, so its better to opt for a different IDE like CodeBlocks.

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Read the FAQs - Why is my code not correct?

“Make sure you are using a compiler that complies with the standards. Turbo C++ is not such a compiler, and often code which compiles in Turbo C++ will not compile on Codechef.”

You should switch to an IDE which uses the GCC compiler.

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Stop using such an old IDE. And use a modern, standard compiler like GCC or Visual C++. Codechef also uses GCC to compile code, so using it will ensure your code compiles fine here.

As mentioned, you should get Code::Blocks IDE, which comes with GCC and is cross platform. Or there is also Visual Studio Express edition, which is free but only for windows.

Congrats now your STL works!