C shorthands not working

is there any difference between
and a[i][j]=a[i][j]+MAX(a[i][j-1],a[i-1][j]);
in the problem ‘magic rankings’ if i use the latter one, my solution doesnt work.
my solution to the problem is in the following link

a=a+b and a+=b should not be any different. i have no idea why it is different in this case. Please tell me why… thanks in advance

Maybe there is problem in your MAX macro.

This is just a tip, I was told that good practice is to use brackets, try this:

#define MAX(x,y) (x>y?x:y)
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Thanks that worked…
incredibly foolish of me not to have done that.

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i would definitely recommend #define max(x,y) ((x)>(y)?(x):(y)) to prevent operator precedence problems.

see Operator Precedence Problems for an example.

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