C# program to parse the fixed size format and display the match details. The matches.txt file contains fixed length values using Trim() method to trim the blank space in the string by creating match object.

Format of the matches.txt file,
Attribute TeamOne Name TeamTwo Name Venue Match Date
Start Index O 5 10 30
Length 5 5 20 10

CSK RCB Chinnaswamy Stadium 25-09-2016
MI KKR Eden Gardens 15-10-2016

Create a main method in the class “Program.cs”
Create Match class with below attributes,
teamOne - string
teamTwo - string
venue - string
matchDate - string
Add appropriate getter and setter methods

Create Match constructor with argument teamOne, teamTwo, venue and matchDate.

Create DisplayMatch(Match, Integer) method to display match details as shown in the output format

Create MatchFileStore class to read the information from matches.txt file and return the list of match objects
List ObtainMatchFromFile(StreamReader )
Hint: StreamReader

Sample Output :

The Match Details are :
Match 1
TeamOne : CSK
TeamTwo : RCB
Venue : Chinnasamy Stadium
MatchDate : 25-09-2016
Match 2
TeamOne : MI
TeamTwo : KKR
Venue : Eden Gardens
MatchDate : 15-10-2016