c program for the problem statement below

  1. The bot will start from the left most projection.
  2. Teams must build an autonomous bot.
  3. During the run the bot has to count the number of black nodes in the 5x5 grid. There will be any number of black nodes on the grid and position of black nodes will be declared just before the match.
  4. Bot should have 2 LEDs(1 Red,1 Green ) to display the detection of Black Nodes.
  5. When the bot moves to any of the black node it has to show that by lighting one LED on that coordinate and it should continue glowing the led until next black node is detected .At that point it has to flip to another LED and switching off the previous one .Continue the same procedure till end of the run.
  6. After the completion of task, the bot has to stop somewhere and it should display black nodes present in the arena on its LCD screen. LCD should display only two digit number.
  7. The bot shall continue to show the total number of black nodes present after completion of the run on the LCD screen till the time organizer ask to switch it off.alt text
    port a for sensors input(5 array ir sensor),port b for motors,port d for lcd…

can any 1 please r8 the code in efficient way…? extremely urgent?

u cant expect the whole code…u need to put in some effort…if u get stuck somewhere(while writing the code) then ask…!!!

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