C# problems not getting required time in Snackdown?

About #SNAKEEAT problem, I try to put my solution in C#, but got no luck with it.
I tried through your IDE, It worked with good timing, but when submitting it’s always Time limit exceeded. I checked all people trying to do it, there are 0 C# success without time limit or any other languages. Just 1 JAVA (With high resource usages) and all others are C++! Something wrong or it’s just we can’t get the best optimized solution?

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IMHO, Codechef should provide the input data set.

Yeah even I was trying to write the code in Java but it said time out exceeded in every case. So I switched to C++ to write my code after I checked the most successful submissions were in C++.

Same is my case; I have the same issue with C#.