c or python?(beginner)

i am having trouble solving questions in c
as of now i have only solved 3 questions

  • life, universe and everything
  • enormous input test
  • yet another number problem
    (each question took me around 4 hours to solve)
    my friends are suggesting me to shift to python, should i follow their advice?


It is not a matter of language , it is rather a matter of concept . Language doesnot matter a lot . Sometimes the same implementation (as that of C ) in python gives TLE . Python is very slow but easy to learn language .You can learn any whichever you want .
And donot panic everyone face these kind of problems initially .

Happy code !!!

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If you already know basics of C there is no need for you to shift to python. And if you are learning any programming language for first time then it is your choice. Personally I have more affinity towards C/C++. Learn different algorithms to solve problems. And learn to implement them in your language(your choice).
Enjoy coding!!!

Language is not important they are just bunch of syntaxes what mainly matters is Problem solving skills and algorithms. But i preffer you C it gives you indepth knowlege .
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Actually C is fast and Python is powerful language…!!

And i am sorry i do not agree that language do not matters, language do matters a lot but it is secondary, primary target should be algorithms and then language is matter of syntax. But the reason for which i am saying that language do matters are the in build functions associated with those languages for example

–> you cannot store number > 10^18 in c or c++ but python can store it.

–> It is very easy to code in python as beginner.

–> There are lot many in-build functions in python which can help during contest.

but but the problem is you cannot learn anything if you’ll use in-build functions because until and unless one know the implementation of a logic he/she cannot say that he’s a good coder, it will definitely help to increase score but will prevent from gaining knowledge…

And main thing is that you cannot use Python n ICPC…

So i would prefer if you are a beginner learn python, try to implement it and when you’ll be confident enough to solve problems try to shift on C or C++.

EDIT: btw i would like to add something, if you’ll use python you’ll automatically try to shift on C or C++ because Python is 3x slower than C and believe me it matters a lot in competitive programming!!


Well if you start with C,then learning any other programming language wont take time. python is easy to learn.
C is very powerful as compared to python. I know both c and python. I would prefer you to start with c and not with python. It may take more time for learning and practicing with C.

In most programming competition python is not allowed but c is allowed everywhere - IOI , ICPC etc.

Since you know the basics of C no need to shift to python.

Enjoy it!!!

better read both