c++ new standards

I am getting this error. It is my first submission at CodeChef.
I have however eliminated conio.h and is using iostream and have also included “using namespace std;”.

prog.cpp: In function ‘int main()’: prog.cpp:13:15: error: ‘gotoxy’ was not declared in this scope gotoxy(3,i+2); ^ prog.cpp:15:15: error: ‘gotoxy’ was not declared in this scope gotoxy(4,i+2); ^ prog.cpp:28:17: error: ‘gotoxy’ was not declared in this scope gotoxy(y,n+3+j); ^

any help will be appreciated.

y r u using gotoxy()…?? without that the code compiles and runs fine…LINK…mostly gotoxy() is not there in gcc…hope this helps…:slight_smile:

since gotoxy() is not there hope this discussion helps you http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/d3ec2d1d-044d-441f-9472-4a284eee3e9b/alternative-to-gotoxy-

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Please dont use the turbo compiler…that is not at all accepted any where…Always do with the gcc compiler…i was also once using this turbo…:slight_smile:
happy coding…

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I submitted it without the gotoxy commands. It shows runtime error. Question: Alien Chefs

then there maybe some error with the code…i saw ur code…pls check the constraints of the problem…n can go upto 10^5…hence the SIGSEGV!!!

I think gotoxy is now outdated. Moreover, isn’t it used to manipulate the screen coordinates if I’m not wrong . You may be getting RTE due to array size going beyond max capacity. Do check out your memory allocations . I’m not able to comprehend your code