C language project

I am a student & findin’ new topics for project in C language. Will anyone please guide me about an innovative project idea ??
I’ve seen number of topics but they are common & repetitive, will be thankful for suggestions.

develop your own version of Linux kernel(a smaller scale).

It is innovative, not common and completely in c language project. :slight_smile:

Comment below if you need any help.


Have you implemented one yourself?


@amitt001 Can you please give a small description of how to work on the idea. The procedure and the way out for basic understanding.

@jelly_bean, that depends on how much knowledge of C you have. trust me, it takes time to write even a basic kernel. pls provide some more info.

@gkcs only basic ones, he asked for an innovative one and from MY Opinion the most innovative thing that can be developed by c is kernel. I can’t advice him to build some management system.

@damn_me: check this months “Opensource For You” magazine, this months topic is Linux kernel development and author has explained it in a very good way. Also, “Linux kernel development” by Robert Love is a must read if you want a deep understanding.

For what are you going to make it ( for class 12th project, for college’s final year or something else ) ? And have you ever implemented any other project before? Please shed some light.

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I too was looking for my college’s final year project…Linux kernel seems a good idea.

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Actually I am studying in BSCS, & it’s my 2nd semester. In 1st semester our project was Scientific/Geometric Calculator & now we are given choice to select topic by our own. & to be honest I don’t have any idea what you guys are talking about :frowning:
& I am OK with C language, like by a bit difficulty, I have coded many programs.
Our teacher have asked us to also include graphics in our project, basically she wants us to make any management system or game.
Don’t have any idea how to make game or which kind of game can we make ??
Tic tac toe is already chosen by other students :@

some ideas
sudoku, KBC etc. Any project with some good factorial design will look great :slight_smile:
Also, Google.com is your friend.