C++ cin not working

I’m new here and am having difficulty getting the “cin” command in C++ to work. I can put it into my code, but have not figured out how to actively interact with the program. What am I doing wrong?

What do you mean by “actively interact” ?

If you share your code, that will help us understand where the problem is.

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exactly, I also have same questions as @vijju123 and @meooow. please share your code.

Are you using Codechef IDE? In that case, you have to check ‘Custom Input’ and put some input there and then run your code. You can’t actively interact with the program in codechef IDE, you need to put all your inputs in one go, and then you’ll get the output.

If you’re using any other ide, you can actively interact with the program, if your code is correctly executed. In that case, please provide your code so that we can help you with the problem.