c and c++ compare.

is there a difference between c and c++? i mean keeping aside the oops concept in c++, is there any advantage of c over c++ and vice versa? If a person knows c++ does it imply he can work in c without any prior training.

Talking about advantages in C++,

SO C++ contains a powerful Standard Template Library which is the main reason mostly all top level coders code in C++.

C++ is equally fast as of C.

Just change header file and make few necessary changes in code your .C code will be transformed into .Cpp code.

It is easy to learn and implement STL which helps a lot while coding, and if talking about C it do contains any STL.

To get hands over STL check this link:


Answering to your last question so i feel yes if a person knows C++ concepts it do imply that he/she can work in C without any prior training.