Buggy, buggy and just buggy Chef

This has been a hot topic for debate for a long time, and I am basically adding to it all.

Buggy 1:

Buggy 2:

Buggy 3:

Buggy 4:

Buggy 5: I experienced this while posting this post itself.

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Its already fixed. Dont worry :slight_smile:

@vijju123 If you look closely, you’ll see there are five screenshots, not just one or two. I guess you mean the first and the second one have been fixed.

You dont need to look closely to notice 5 big screenshots XD. Look at the time interval na. First bug at 9:45, I caught it at ~9:40 as well and got it fixed. It took them 20-30 minutes to fix it completely. So that bug was fixed and Is aw no issue. Else anyone can take 10 screenshots in the 5 min window when cc is down XD.

As for discuss errors, well, there were plans but ICPC butted in. Hopefully this would be improved very soon after that :slight_smile:

Uh-huh, I meant the last three bugs haven’t been fixed yet. As you said, let’s hope they’ll fix Discuss. But the fourth bug may not have been fixed yet. Just because it’s been fixed for this Long challenge doesn’t mean it has been fixed in general. Lunchtimes are the only short contests I do as of now, and I receive that “Error, Some error occurred” message in every single one of those. I even got that in October Lunchtime, on opening a problem.

Discuss bugs, as I said, we cant do anything for now. There are plans for it, but after icpc it seems.

For contest, if that comes after first 1-2 minutes, do report it to me or them over mail. I too face it but its usually because of my unstable internet due t which page doesnt load.

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