Buggy — Batch-Test for CodeForces : V.2.2 (Windows)

Hey programmers,

I have been working on a project lately and finally, after lots of testing and stuff (it’s difficult to manage college, semester exams and also work on a project alone here in India) I would like to share with you people, Buggy.

Buggy is a Sublime-Text plugin for CodeForces (for Windows). It can parse all the test-cases for a single round in nice folder system and allows you to run your code on all the test cases. It also allows you to run your program on custom-test-cases.
The plug-in has been developed as a personal project, so it is not as refined as you may find some better plug-ins, but since I couldn’t find any plug-in for Sublime-Text, I developed one.

Here is the download link : Buggy — V.2.2

Here is the release : Buggy Release and ReadMe File

Please read the installation and usage very carefully before using this plug-in to avoid any in-contest confusions.

EDIT : Installation video && [Demo Video][2]

Also you can contribute to the project here (It’s completely open source) : Buggy Repository.

Going to complete the linux version very soon (only the testing part is left). Please drop a message or comment for feedbacks

PS : This has been developed as a personal project so constructive suggestions are welcome. Please don’t put harsh comments which may not help us grow together.

Following are few important components of ReadMe file


  • Windows OS
  • Internet Connection (it should be working on cmd and should be allowed for all the applications)
  • A little space in C: drive
  • Sublime Text-3 (make sure it’s included in the PATH-variables)
      • To check Sublime Text-3 is included to PATH-variables
      • Open a cmd window._
      • Run “subl” in the cmd._
      • If Sublime opens up, everything is perfect
  • A default browser
  • Working g++
      • To check g++ is working
      • Open a cmd window.
      • Run “g++” in the cmd.
      • If it throws an error of missing file, everything is perfect


  • Download all the files from given link above…
  • Shift the CF folder to “C:”. This is very important for the application to work. The CF folder should be directly in C: drive
  • Shift the Buggy—Windows folder to C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Packages.
      • For me, the path looks like : C:\Users\DELL\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Packages
  • Open Sublime-Text-3 (referred as Sublime here after), and change your build system
  • GoTo “Tools -> Build System” and select CF
  • Your Sublime is now configured


  • After the installation, you should see a new menu in the menu bar, Buggy.
  • Click on the Buggy menu and you’ll be able to see all the options there.
  • Make sure Sublime Side-Bar is visible (View -> Side Bar -> Show Side Bar).
  • To start parsing test-cases for a round, (Buggy -> Start)
  • Compile the code before running it on test-cases.
  • For parsing the test-cases, provide the round-number you see in the url of the contest.
  • Copy the code before going to submit the code.
  • If you want you can change the key-bindings too.
  • If you are working behind proxy
      • Open dist/proxy.txt
      • Delete all the contents of the file and add your proxy with the following format
      • username:password@proxy:port

Hope you like it

Have fun

[2]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1v1l8hqL8U8)

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