Bug in Upvoting

I just noticed that upvoting an answer on discuss increase number of votes by 2(check almost all the answers posted today have even no. of upvotes).

I just checked it by randomly upvoting and refreshing the page, downvoting decreased votes by 1.

May be this is a bug or just a coincidence or something?


You can check by upvoting this answer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I downvoted :stuck_out_tongue: It went down by 2.

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:frowning: you could’ve upvoted to check

anyway, it seems to be a bug

Ok, upvoted it :smiley: Seems like a bug!

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No! it is increasing by 1 only. But when you downvote and then upvote then it increases by 2.



try upvote and refresh the page, it increases by 2

Hey, We are aware of this bug and will be fixing it at the earliest. Once again, thanks for bringing it to our notice.

There are two possibilities:

  • people are voting by the time I reload the page.
  • There is a really a ***BUG***.

  • After seeing my Karma history, I noticed that I received 3 upvotes from 3 different users and when I matched it with the number of votes on the question page , it was showing six. JUST DOUBLE XD XD.

    May be there is some error in updating number of votes but it is updating votes as if it was flagged initially as downvoted by the user.

    @admin : Please see to this issue

    Thanks :smiley: