Bug in July Cook-Off rank list

There is a bug in July Cook-Off rank list (http://www.codechef.com/rankings/COOK48). Look at the submission time of the user uj2295. His submission time is a negative number. Probably this is due to overflow in time. Also he has submitted his 2nd question after 3 hours. So he cannot be a top ranker among participants who solved at most 2 questions.
This error affects many programmers as due to this bug, ranks of many programmers is shifted downwards by 1. Rectifying this bug will not affect my rank as I have solved 3, but I want this bug to be fixed soon for the sake of other affected competitors.

Here is the screenshot:


Nah, he just turned back time.


Perhaps user uj2295 down-voted my post. Number of up votes decreased from 3 to 2


I had already sent a mail to Codechef admins as soon as the contest was over and hopefully they will fix it next time.

I think this cook off should be unrated as many non-optimal solutions are accepted for RRFRNDS & RRTREE2. People like ACRush couldn’t solve RRTREE2 maybe because he wasn’t getting an optimal solution. Few others who tried submitting their brute force solution got lucky and got better rank than him. There are some non-optimal solution for RRFRNDS too.

Hi utsav_deep, We have fixed the issue. Thanks for bringing it to our notice. :slight_smile: