Bug in Codechef Rating , Problem evaluator(July Long)?

Hi all(admin please see this!) , in the recently concluded July long contest , i had solved 4 full problems and 41pts in the 5ht problem . I ended up getting 441 pts in total . But after the contest was over it is showing that i solved no problems at all !
Admin or others can check my solution submissions to the problems (check the date and pts) for the proof . Also one can view the last page of ranklist , some ppl have scored points yet final tally is 0 points!My name on the other hand is even removed from ranklist! I wrote to the codechef bugs twice yet they were not responsive .Please fix this asap!
@admin if you detected plagiarism i am willing to challenge it . You can look at my codes for some problems which have resubmissions to get full points .
I have not got any mails from you please mail me at : hotshotsrini@hotmail.com

May be you are caught in plagiarism. Do check your E-Mail

Nope , did not get any mail either … well i would not post this if i had plagiarized i had written all the code myself . Email : hotshotsrini@hotmail.com

you must have received an email from rudreshwar[at]codechef[dot]com, kindly check your spam as well and if you have not received any, then email on the aforesaid email address regarding the issue and we will look into it.

Are You Getting “Red” highlight mark on your solved questions?
or is it showing "No Attempts "
If you have got wrong answer on your accepted code( during Long Contest Obviously) then do check you email
May be you are caught in plagiarism.
All the best !

Yes in one of them i got red (Chef and Electricity )… on others unattempted …
Can u please tell me what this means ?
No emails as of yet though . @admin please mail me @ hotshotsrini@hotmail.com

Hi @admin … i indeed did receive a mail from rudreshwarji . But he said about other mail conversation . I presume it was hotshotsrini@gmail.com yes ? Well that mail of mine was hacked , hence i cannot access it ! I have changed my codechef email to hotmail one now so please send all relevant emails regarding this topic to this email !
Thanks and really sorry for the inconvenience caused guys!