Breaking the mystery of bill gates on windows

I’ve read somany articles,RFCs’ but there aree still some hiding story that I can’t solve.
Basically I am networking programmer.As all of knows that a programmer can solve a problem in
various ways.But I wanted to breaking the mystry of windows security as day day going windows programmers used the latest algo with the new update.I wanted to change the IP addrss
at network layer.I know the programming with tsr
but i don’t know the adress used by windows is in the micro processor.And I have bamdwidth medium
but I am not getting the proper memory location.As unix’s main target it is POSIX so i got it’s but not
windows my lots of experiments awaiting for it.And I will search it with my patience untill or unless I get the answers.I hope intelligent people will help me
.I will be waiting.
Thank you.