Books for dynamic programming in c++

I am learning Dynamic programming this days and i am not good at it can anyone tell me any book to read.

Thanks in advance!


This tutorial will help you to get a feel of dp.

You don’t need any book for it, you get better by practice.
For practice problems,
Hackerrank and spoj has good problems as well!
Happy coding! :slight_smile:


Introduction to Algorithms - Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, and Clifford Stein.
This book is better for learning dp.


The Algorithm design by Eva Tardos and Jon Kleinberg.
This book is well known book specifically for dp and with little googling you can also find its soft copy online.

Accept the answer if it helped.

The Competitive Programming by Steve Halim and Felix Halim has a good section for dynamic programming.
Compettive Programming


If you want to learn DP quickly but effectively you can try Data Structures and Algorithms made easy by Narasimha Karumanchi
After completing this you can refer to the video lectures by Tushar Roy .
And if you want to learn DP in more detail you can refer CLRS(Introduction to Algorithms) or The Algorithm design by Eva Tardos and Jon Kleinberg.
For practice problems refer
1)Dynamic prgramming
Best of Luck.

I think this is the most common question I see about algorithms.
In my opinion, dynamic programming is one of those things you only learn by practicing (a lot).

I suggest the TopCoder tutorial to start(

I don’t know about any books but is very helpful and this site has many dp problems and their solutions which are clearly explained

More precisely, i can say that for Dynamic programming, you don’t need to be any book… DP problem can only be imagined and totally based about how you are filling the DP table to reach the correct solution.

Books can only provide you the steps or procedure that you have to be taken, otherwise for practice you can refer the link provided by @likhith_lanka