Books for Data structures and algorithms

I am currently learning programming and want to learn some data structure and algorithms as I go along. I came across three books which covered both of these topics ( not completely, of course) but gave a taste of these things and seemed good. These books are :-

How to solve it by computers
Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs
Algorithms and Programming: Problems and Solutions

I would be grateful if you guys could guide on the first selection of the book. I personally feel the first book is good because it teaches you how to think about problems. I like the second and third books because they contain a chapter on compilers as well which though interesting, has doubtful place in the first exposure to data structures and algorithms.

Note: There are several books such as CLRS, Skeina, etc. available which are no doubt excellent but they ( especially CLRS ) require some mathematical maturity as well. I am weak on this front. So, I wanted a book which, although contains several algorithms and give a flavor for them, but are also easy on the mathematical front.

Skiena is a great book, and does not contain any involved mathematics. I would recommend it :slight_smile:

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For mathematics… there is book called knuth … it is an indeed well written book… i have pdf of it… or u can google it… and for algorithms there is no shortcut… if u are doing something… do it with quality… go with CLRS… side be side get help from

  1. TOPCODER algorithm
  2. there is site called
  4. for mathematics- do

lastly as u know ROME was not build in a day… neither does the programming techniques and logic…

so just practice daily :slight_smile:

best wishes :slight_smile:

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for knuth go to this link

the book is directly available


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