Books for Data structure and Algorithm

I am learning C++ using Balagurusamy’s book. Which book should i refer for Data Structures and Algorithms?

I am also looking forward to solve Real life problems like those asked in Olympiads, as I love Maths.So is there any book which I can refer once I complete C++?

  1. Algorithm Design Manual by Skiena
  2. Introduction to Algorithms by Charles E. Leiserson, Thomas H. Cormen, Clifford Stein, Ronald Rivest
  3. Algorithm Design Éva Tardos, Jon Kleinberg
  4. An eBook:
  5. Another eBook:
  6. A great website: (Has everything important with proper code in C/C++ along with complexities and stuff)

You can choose anyone from 1,2,3 but 6th is recommended. And for practice, CodeChef is a great place to start with.


Hi, take a look at this link :


2nd and 6th is really nice.

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Thanks both of you :slight_smile:

I would recommend you “Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy” by Narashimha Karumanchi.Best book to start from scratch.
link: Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy