Book for java

Anyone can recommend a good book for programing in java.
i know how to program in c/c++ also OOPS concepts

I am looking for a book which is easy to cover in short time and it should contain only basic/core java.

Thanks in advance…

Since you know C++ so you will be very much familiar with the OOPS concept. You can start reading HeadFirst Java, which is one of a nice book to start learning Java. The plus point for this book it teaches you an interactive way as if the author is sitting and teaching right in front of you. After going through this book, you can have a look at The Complete Reference Java 2.
Hope it helps

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thanks a lot bug2312
i appreciate your answer

You can try Deitel & Deitel’s JAVA: HOW TO PROGRAM. It’s a nice book, with every aspect explained in a lucid language. Also, it comprises of theory about many advanced Java features and also lays focus on app development.

Actually i want a book which cover basics of java only,
so that i can go through whole book in short time

as per your knowledge java complete reference oracle edition with jdk 7 would be best !!!
don’t use head first coz its fairy tales with java :slight_smile: