Does anybody know where i can learn bipartite matching ??
i searched in topcoder and in codechef discussions but didn’t find anything fruitful !

some kind of tutorial or explanation would help a lot !!!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I would strongly recommend reading the Maximum Flow chapter from Cormen et al (CLRS).
It has a very clear and concise explanation which is hard to find elsewhere.

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Hi smartass007, be some smarta

and have a look at this solution >>[Solution][1] of the problem: >>[Problem][2] [1]: "Solution" [2]: "Problem"
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Haha! Interestingly, I was the problem setter for that problem…

:smiley: LOL. Nice problem, I must say. :slight_smile:

THanks guys!

Yeah, i have that book !! but never have i really spent time with it :stuck_out_tongue: looks like i have to now !!! thanks for pointing it out !! :slight_smile: