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I have solved this problem by compressing a Trie (think it is called Radix Tree). Is there other way to solve this problem (with something more simple)?


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I believe I used a similar algorithm as you. I can try to explain it but it’s hard to articulate.

I didn’t know what it was called but I used something that looks like a poorly implemented radix tree (I failed to properly collapse all types of branch nodes with only one child). Each node in the tree held an array of indices which represent the values on that branch. I kept this so that I could search the indices to make sure that there was at least one within [L, R]. If there was exactly one I returned it’s value. If there was more than one I followed the node. I always tried to follow the node which was the result of the xor for the appropriate bit. If that node wasn’t populated with at least one index in [L, R] then I followed the other node.

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