Binary Search

Do you want to know about Binary Search? Do you want a right place to learn it?
Open the link given below and get a right place :slight_smile:
My second blog post:


Write about thorough tutorial hashing and indexing then you will get some real traffic. :wink:

I appreciate your Binary search tutorial


thanks buddy :slight_smile:

will follow ur suggestion definitely

Your binary search function does not deal with integer overflow’s while calculating mid, a very common mistake while implementing binary search when left and right are something like 60000, 65530 (assuming int to have range of 0-65535) now notice adding them would lead to an overflow and hence would give the wrong index.


Thanks bro… Blog is updated now… sorry for that :slight_smile:

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Algolist is helpful for yours.

topcoder tutorial is also helpful for yours.

Visualization of Binary Search Algorithm